Urgent Care Vs ER

Upscale, Concierge Emergency Services

When you experience a medical issue, sometimes it can be hard to determine where you should go for care. Understanding the difference between an urgent care center and an emergency room can be crucial to receiving the appropriate treatment. Preston Hollow Emergency Room are a superior kind of ER experience, bringing the best in concierge emergency services to Dallas, TX. Our facilities are full service emergency rooms with onsite laboratories, digital imaging capabilities and even state licensed pharmacies for you convenience. This means that we can treat symptoms like vomiting, urinary tract infections and abdominal pain as well as more severe wounds and emergencies.

Freestanding ER Services VS Limitations of Urgent Cares

Urgent care centers provide treatment to patients with less serious conditions when their primary care physician is unavailable. They are generally not equipped to handle major trauma, injuries, or conditions. They also typically do not have imaging or lab capabilities, which means that if your condition needs these services, you will be sent to an ER for more comprehensive care.

Our freestanding emergency rooms provide 24 hour emergency care and are staffed with highly trained medical professionals with the experience and equipment to treat medical concerns, emergencies and potentially life-threatening conditions. We have minimal wait times and always have a board certified emergency physician and nurses on duty for a superior ER experience.

See the difference:

  Preston Hollow ER Local Urgent Care
Open 24/7 Yes No
Board Certified ER Doctors Yes No
ER/ICU Trained Nurses (RN’s) Yes No
Complete Laboratory Yes No
X-Ray Machine Yes Yes
CT Machine Yes No
Ultrasound Yes No
Minimal to No Wait Yes Some